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Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
takes a while before this straightens out? they're looking and saying obama's been president for three years and hasn't fixed anything? >> i think that's right. but i think that they might understand it if it were bill clinton explaining it to them. i think that -- that obama really has been awful at explaining his policies and explaining the state of the economy for the last three or four years. >> i'd like to say again policies do matter deeply. example, for the viewer, next year it's predicted we'll go into recession again if the fiscal cliff is not addressed. and we do go over it. these are decisions that have to be made by lawmakers before christmas time or the new year in regard to tax and sequester and spending. it's there in the books, and it's probably accurate. i think we let ourselves off the hook when we compare ourselves to europe. it's not so great just to be less bad than the others which is where we are. >> i want to first talk about the fiscal cliff. is it going to happen? >> no, it's not. i've been doing this for 43 years, and i suppose i should be a cynic by no
Nov 4, 2012 1:00pm EST
relationship between the israeli right and the israeli right-winged government and the obama administration. but i think the israeli center left now identifies with obama and would like to see an obama victory and actually that will influence the election campaign in israel. we have several players who are waiting to see the result of the american elections and therefore the israeli center left and definitely left actually supports obama, which was not the case when obama began his tenure because at the time, really most of israel had reservations about him. i would say he became much more popular with the left and left of center where the right sees him in almost in demonic terms. >> you have multiple identities. you're an arab-israeli. the second, you're a news anchor in italy, so steeped in that european culture. how does it strike you? >> well, if you think of europe, definitely europe is pro obama. i mean, they're seeing how pragmatic he was. i mean we also took out of the way of this right-winged way of speaking, being tough with the world, insulting everybody no matter
Nov 4, 2012 10:00am EST
president obama than a political divisive discussion that we're having right now, you know, you'll look back and say, okay, we got our health care, we got out of the financial cliff we're about to go over and, you know, a horrible financial situation, the economy is now growing again, we handled difficult foreign policy situations with a big of tenacity and wisdom. you know, obama, various things happen. so i think history will look back on a pretty successful -- very successful first term and it's somewhat surprising that our political system right now sort of doesn't allow that narrative to emerge because we're so contentious these days. >> what do you think of that, edmund? >> i've been disappointed since the cathartic marvelous night he was elected. the most excitement i experienced as an immigrant since the house impeachment of richard nixon. but since then i've found him to become less magical, less interesting. he hasn't made a speech compared to all the comparisons that he unleashed as candidate and i would be less impressed with him playing golf with bangers. >> let me ask
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)